What is Design Automation?

Design Automation is the development of support tools and technology which drives CAD automation of repetitive tasks in the design process. Design Automation is a knowledge-based approach which logically combines various engineering concepts with real time application study during product development.

How to Design automation helps to improve business?

Stream Line Through Intelligent Design

Automatically produce complete 2D drawing and 3D models of custom products and parts. By automating routine and repetitive CAD tasks, you can design more in less time, freeing up resources for innovation.

Integrated Cad Automation

The intuitive interface is embedded within your familiar CAD environment, reducing learning curve. Drawings update dynamically as you work, while the modelling environment is equally simple - create and maintain design rules with no coding knowledge. Dynamically generate configuration-specific models from customer criteria.

Eliminate Cost Design Errors

Minimize disruptive change orders and delays. The configurator-powered Design Automation tool will always propose a solution that is buildable and optimal.